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Selecting a university abroad for education needs adequate guidance and expert advice to zero down on a particular country, university, and study program. Sunshine International Services offers one-stop solutions to all your queries towards university selection. At Sunshine International Services we help students get admissions into Universities that best suit their personal, academic, financial and other parameters. The knowledge and rich experience of our counselors allows students to arrive at the best possible decisions.

With increasing number of universities offering numerous courses selecting a right course and a perfect university is a big challenge. It is up to student to decide what is his/her priorities. A student need to have clear cut answers to following queries:

  1.  If the student wants the best course of his/her choice or the course that is good but offers enough options that he/she really wants
  2.  If the student wants the perfect job placement
  3.  If the student is ready to adapt to the university and course requirements as he/she will be staying there for three or more years

Process for selecting ideal university and course

Research   :   The more research the student puts into the selection process the better are the chances for getting the right course and right university.

Guidance   :   Once the entire research work is done at Sunshine International Services we help students to get acquainted to all the positive and negative aspects of going to any particular university and course.

Course specific university   :   For certain specific courses the opportunity for course and university selection is quite limited. In that case as the choice is limited so Sunshine International Services is best to guide you for the university selection.

The best thing about Sunshine International Services is that this service is offered absolutely free of cost.

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